Friday, September 21, 2007

Big, Bad Blogger

I have been so bad at blogging lately. I have just been really focusing on building my business this month so I haven't spent much time in the blogosphere. Thanks to all of you who have still visited me even thought I've been pretty remiss in posting and in leaving comments on your sites. I'm catching up on all of them now.

As I was reading every one's blogs, I realized how long it's been since I've caught up and knew what was going on with everybody out there.

Anyway, I've been tagged by Belle-ah over at I'm so excited! I've never been tagged before. I have to give some info about me by using my middle name as a starting point. Here goes:

I changed my middle name to my maiden name when I got married so my middle name is now France.

F. Flag day - the day I was born

R. Raucous - I tend to be very loud. When I whisper, it's like a regular person's normal voice. I just get really excited about things and when I do, I'm just boisterous and dare I say...a little bit jolly.

A. Addicted - I cannot go more than 3 hours without a diet coke. It's very ugly - I shudder at the very thought.

N. Neurotic - Ya down with OCD? Yeah you know me! I'm completely obsessive compulsive. Hand washing, hair tweezing (there may be a stray witch hair on my chin or a pesky eyebrow hair that's getting out of line), fingernail picking,and the list goes on...

C. Christian - Every day I am thankful that Jesus is my Savior

E. Engaged - My husband proposed by having my dog wear a bow tie with a little jewelry bag around his neck. My other dog was also dressed in her finest, wearing a tiara and a garter with a helium balloon tied around her waist. This is why he and I get along so well. We have the same sense of humor.

Now it's my turn to tag - Nap Warden, Blonde Mom and Mother May I. Have fun!


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...


Love your engagement story. :)

Belle-ah said...

Thanks for playing along (I never know if people love 'em or hate 'em) far as the Super Cute Shoes...well, they came from an Asian Shoe Store that has popped up in our sadly dying, local mall...Johnny Choos or something (maybe that would be Jimmy's southern cousin! LOL) and they were [the best part] a STEAL!

Oh, and the job is going really well so far. You are too sweet to ask! I am being protective of my limited time committment as it would be easy to stretch and end up in there every day and lots more hours than I planned. I shopped on my day off on Wed. and I caught up on the domestic needs on Friday so it seems to be balancing out!

Nap Warden said...

What, I've been tagged! What do I do, use my middle name? I have never been tagged before:)

Lisa said...

Fun! When I lived "down south" my friends couldn't believe that I kept my middle name when I got married! They'd never heard of such thing - and none of my midwestern gal pals took their maiden name as their middle name. Funny how that all works!
Have a great day :)

Slackermommy said...

Fun! I'm a diet cherry vanilla dr. pepper addict myself. I drink 5 or 5 a day. Not good. I wonder why I'm bloated all the time.

Pattie said...

I really enjoyed your answers, Jen! we could hang out...


sister sheri said...

I've been delinquent in my blogging, too. It's's easier for me to give you grace...than myself!


Stargazer said...

Hi, nice blog you have. Like the way you write too!