Monday, November 5, 2007

Jonesin' for Josie

It's official. I'm reliving my childhood. This weekend Boomerang was having a Josie and the Pussycats marathon. I recorded all of the episodes "for the kids," but guess who was sitting on the couch with them, completely enthralled. Yup, you guessed it. We got to see Josie, Melody and Valerie rock out while the nasty Alexandra and Sebastian tried to lure Alan away from Josie time and time again. Of course Alan, who looks surprisingly like Barbie's man Ken, never falls for it. (Ok, I promise I did get the kids outside to play at some point during the day - only after the Josie hangover started to kick in).
The thing I didn't remember though, was the name calling. In every episode Alexandra calls somebody a ding-a-ling or a dumb dumb. My 3 year old has picked this up quite nicely and now thinks it's really funny to call people "dumb dumb." Fabulous. I'm already hearing the teacher reports from preschool in my head. Thanks Alexandra...first you break the number one girl rule and go after Alan and then you taint the mind of a three year old. UGH. (but I still have 5 more episodes recorded that I'll have to watch after the kids go to bed - it's like Desperate Housewives for the immature set!)


The Mrs. said...

Oh my goodness I loved them too. I would have been on the couch right next to you!!!!

Cottage by the River said...

Don't you love to go back. I forgot about that show. My son is so in to the old scooby doo episodes. You know what I miss is Magnum PI. Have a great week.

Mother May I = Deb said...

THats great!

Sorry I have been MIA from your blog, so much going on! Kids had alot of school meetings, I had some stuff going on, Hubby's work is stressful, and I get the kids almost 24/7 when hubby is working . Needless to say I need a freaking vacation which is coming up Dec 8, my cruise! Hope you are doing well!


Mayberry said...

Oh I wish I'd known -- my daughter's name is Josie and we have told her about the Pussycats but she has never seen the show!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Patti said...

Who didn't secretly want to BE Josie? She was soo cooool