Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why Are 5 Year Olds So Smart?

We were eating breakfast this morning when a funny thing happened. My 3 year old, C, was eating a waffle when all of a sudden, in a surprised voice he said "Mama, there's a wadybug (that's ladybug to you and me) on my waffle!" I looked and sure enough there was a wady, er, ladybug crawling along the side of his waffle. I picked it up and held it in my hand for the boys to see. My 5 year old, J, wanted to keep it in a jar. I told him we should put the ladybug outside.

"Why Mommy? I want to keep her. "

"Well, I think we should put her where God intended her to be. She's supposed to be outside in nature."



"Then why do we have a dog and he lives in the house?"

UGH. 5 year old - one , Mommy - zero

(By the way, as this conversation was happening, C went ahead and ate the wadybug waffle. I'm sure this is akin to the 5 second rule when you drop food on the floor. This just had a ladybug for 5 seconds - or thereabout.....)

And just as a side note, J lost another tooth on Sunday and he looks adorable! Now he's got one missing on the top and the bottom. He's got the little toothless lisp going. I love it! So he got $2 for this tooth. Is this in line with average tooth fairy earnings, or is she being overly generous with our child (or miserly for that matter)? What do y'all give your kids?


myminivanisfasterthanyours said...


Belle-ah said...

Zing...he is quick on the draw!

BTW, the Tooth-Fairy brings $2 here as well...since she is the "TWoth" Fairy, of course!

summershine said...

Well, none of my kiddos have lost teeth yet, but I think $2 sounds great. Not too much, but just enough for them to buy themselves a treat.

Misty said...

The tooth fairy is cheap over here...she leaves $1 coins...
I think it's in line with inflation...I got quarters.

Lorilu said...

WOW~30 years ago I got .25 per tooth. Not sure what my almost 5 year old will get when he looses his teeth! Yikes...inflation is everywhere! LOL

Very cute story, they DO come up with some good ones!

Tracy said...

I hate it when my kids outsmart me! I thought they were supposed to be basking in my endless library of knowledge!
I think that $2 is what we, I mean the toothfairy, gave our daughter for her tooth too. That must be the going rate these days. Geesh, I remember when I lost my teeth, the most I got was 25 cents. Darn inflation!

shauna said...

What a cutie!

We have a ladybug fetish at my house. We finally released them all to the wild and washed the jar for good. I'm sure the ladybugs of the world sang praises when we did.