Friday, July 6, 2007

Itchin' for a Kitchen

My friend Julie just got the most amazing new kitchen. It's white, it's stainless steel, it's cottage-y and it's got this great vintage feel even though it was just completed this past week. She had her wood floors stained the most amazing ebony color. It's just beautiful. Isn't it amazing how a room can make you feel warm and fuzzy?!

She has floor to ceiling white cabinetry with black honed granite countertops, a six burner gas stove, a MEGA refrigerator (I think she's secretly stashing an army in her attic) and a dishwasher that doesn't make a sound when you turn it on. Isn't it fabulous when you can watch a friend get giddy with excitement over a wish coming true!


momto4 said...

that picture is almost eerie how close to mine it is. keep the faith sister, you're dream kitchen is hatching in my mind! i can't believe i'm giddy over a dishwasher, but, i am!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Oh my word!!!

We are still planning our "dream house." I love love that kitchen!!