Monday, July 16, 2007

You Dropped the Bomb on Me, Baby

I have to admit, I've gotten a little nutty about what my kids eat. They of course get special treats if we go to other people's houses or out to a restaurant, but when I'm feeding them at home, it's primarily whole foods and organic when possible. Well today I was lazy so for breakfast they each had a cliff bar ( and some blueberries. Later I made the kids roll-up sandwiches made out of "Flatout" bread (, which is fabulous. They also had cheese and fruit. I also tried a new snack for them. They're kind of like chips or crackers and they're from a manufacturer called Flat Earth ( The kids LOVED them.

I'm not exactly sure what happened, but the combination of all the foods together was toxic. About 4:00 the bombs started to drop. Toot! Toot toot! Toot! Their little intestines were protesting the tremendous amount of fiber these children consumed today. And then my 5 year old, who thinks he's just the funniest thing ever ran over to me to give me a big hug and sit on my lap. And then...he tooted on me on purpose. He burst out laughing and then ran away as fast as he could. Now that's what I call a stealth bomber.


HobbyMommy said...


We too watch everything the little people eat. All foods containing high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated soybean oil are banned from our house. That just about eliminates anything in a box that's not organic.

We love the cliff bars too! YUMMY!

My little people think the whole "tooting" thing is funny these days and I find it hard keeping a straight face.

tommiea said...

My little girl is the tooter in out house! She cracks herself up every time....then she will quickly say, "Excuse me....(little pause), at least I used my manners!" True enough...

Seeker said...


Love the manners comment too!