Monday, July 23, 2007

Oh Yes It's Ladies Night

I'm on a roll...two posts in one day! My hubbie has the day off and he took the kids out for a while. Yippee! Tonight I'm going out to dinner with some girlfriends. Now for those of you who read my blog frequently, you know I also went out last week. What I failed to mention was how I felt the next day. Thinking that I'm oh so hip and trendy and can keep up with the youngun's, I ordered myself a chocolate martini and then split a bottle of wine with 2 of the other girls at the table. I felt mildly "happy," but in complete control.

Well, let's just say the next morning this girlie was not feeling so good. Wooeeey. Talk about a headache and sour stomach. Thankfully, my wonderful, fabulous, kind-hearted friend took pity on me and took the boys for several hours so I could take a nap. How embarrassing! Clearly at twenty nineteen I can't hold my liquor anymore.

So let's hope this fun loving girl has enough sense not to get carried away tonight. If there's any dancing on tables or girls gone wild videos, I'll let you know (after I recover of course)!


Slackermommy said...

I always say I'm going to only have one drink but then that first drink goes down so nice and I forget my promise. I end up a little tipsy, having a great time and paying for it the next day. It only takes me three drinks! Have a great time!

nap warden said...

I was overserved just this weekend...The first glass of wine was too good not to have another, and another, and another...6:30 in the morning and two crying babies came too soon...Good luck to you, have fun!

tommiea said...

enjoy....but just one this time!