Friday, June 22, 2007

Blame it on God

I took my boys out on a lunch date the other day. The first thing we did was stick our tootsies in a fountain at a local outdoor mall. Well, we didn't really just dip our toes...let's just say their shorts were pretty soaking wet by the time they were finished, um, wading. Yeah, yeah, I know they're technically not supposed to wade in a public fountain but in my defense it was a hot day and well, no one was looking (wink). I'm such a good mom, aren't I? That's right, lead by example. Follow the rules, unless no one is looking and then do as you d**n well please, that's my motto. I kept humming "Breakin the Law" by Judas Priest as they splashed. They had a ball!

Our next stop was a little bakery for lunch. After we sat down, my 3 year old kept being sooooooo loud. He was happy, but obnoxiously boisterous. I kept doing the mommy shush. Soon enough, even my 5 year old was doing the mommy shush. We tried the "use an indoor voice" route, use "a quiet voice" route, we even tried for a quiet contest. No luck. Finally I said, "Honey, we really need to be quieter so we don't disturb other people." He looked at me like I was an idiot and replied, (and if he knew the word "DUH," he would have said it), "Mama, God made me loud and dat's the way it is!"

How do you argue with that? I laughed so loud that everyone looked around to look at me. I guess it was really me who was the disturbance after all.

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tulipmom said...

Out of the mouths of babes!!