Friday, June 15, 2007

Peanut Free is the Way to Be

I've been reflecting on something lately and I just have it on my heart to write about it. I was soooo excited the first time I published something on my blog. It was all about a fluffer nutter sandwich. With great enthusiasm, I sent the link to everyone I know. What I didn't do, however was stop and think about how a simple happy little story in my life can be hurtful to others.

I have a friend, "C" who has a son, "J" who has a peanut allergy. Included in my initial email, I sent the link to her. I remember specifically thinking about her as I was writing my posting, because I made sure to mention that these sandwiches can be made out of sun butter as well as peanut butter. Now "C" has never mentioned a thing about this, but all of a sudden something struck me. This has been so cumbersome in her life and so troublesome, and I think I just took that very lightly.

So please, for the tens of you who read this :) , when you think about making any kinds of snacks with peanuts, peanut butter or just packing pre-made snacks (please check the label to see if the product is peanut free), please remember that there may be a child sitting next to yours with an allergy that could be deadly if he/she even inhales the peanut products. Peanut butter is great at home, but let's watch out for each other's kids and make other choices when we go out in public.

And "C", I know you sometimes wonder how people can be insensitive. Well, even someone who knows you and loves you can be insensitive without even realizing it. Sorry!

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homedaisy said...

"c " is lucky to have such a loving friend. truly.