Monday, June 4, 2007

Ooglie Booglie

Every morning my kids and I lay in bed together before we start the day. It's actually my favorite part of day. This morning we were playing monsters. I was the tickle monster and then the oh-so-dreaded kissy face monster. My 5 year old was the boogie monster (he pretended to blow boogie's on us while saying in a rumbly, grumbly voice, "boogie, boogie, boogie" - nice, huh?), so my 3 year old suddenly had an epiphany. He would be the "sharp teeth" monster and proceeded to bite me as hard as he could on the boob. Game over.


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Nikki said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning. I will definitely check out your Thirty-One website. From one Direct Sales consultant to another, I am all about networking. I'm an Inspired Aroma consultant ( and love supporting other WAHMamas!

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Thanks for visiting my blog last night! I actually have another blog for my furniture is new. Here's the address: I haven't updated in a while but there are some things for you to see. :)

tommiea said...

Thanks for stopping by..

The kids loved the ball. It is huge, It has three spouts the water comes out. You ca supposed to put water in this little thing in the bottom, but I just blew it up with air. I guess if it had water, it might roll around on its own, but the kids just pushed it around.

We have a huge Backyard Adventure play structure, they would point one of the spouts on it and basically make a vertical slip n slide. They loved it!

Erin said...

I love lounging in bed with the kids in the morning too! Have to take advantage of it while they'll still do it!

jennifer m. said...

this entry made me laught out loud.

miss you. :)