Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Attention My Fashionista Friends

I have been desperately searching out June's In Style Magazine. I like to get it when it's hot off the presses. I finally got my hands on a copy tonight. Soooo excited to share with you some highlighted products. I'll do an In-Style Spotlight once a week (or more) for those of you who want to "Look Amazing All Summer" like it says on the cover. Ok, this one I'm going to call, "What the Shell?!" Throughout the entire magazine, shells, mother-of-pearl and overall sea life abounded. Big, hot trend! But Jen, Thirty-One doesn't have anything like that, do they? I'm so glad you asked. Of course we do! Check it out... (by the way, there were also some bags with fish on them, one of which was $130. If you like bags and you like fish, check out my link to the right that says "New Monogram Designs." You'll get cute bags, fish and will spend no where near $130).

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Pattie said...

Very cute!
I am in Stonecroft, so I am right around the corner! I know a few families in your neighborhood. My son goes to OP...it's a small world :)