Monday, May 28, 2007

Muffin Top Monday

Hello Muffin-toppers! How are we doing with our challenge? Here's my progress...I actually exercised for the first time in months on Saturday.

I did the FIRM's "Jiggle Free Arms." My arms are still sore! Funny how I could do that workout 6 months ago with no problems. Unfortunately the eating part has not gone quite so well. Brownies and chocolate chip cookies were my downfall yesterday. DRAT! We're making a fresh start today. I did, however, wear my bathing suit for the first time yesterday. It was a horror show. Small children were running and crying, women starting spontaneously gagging and men were screaming, "Oh my eyes...I'm blind, I'm blind!" And I did see a woman at the pool who had 2 kids, was in her thirties and had washboard abs. Oh the humanity!

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