Saturday, May 26, 2007

Too Close for Comfort

Every night my wonderful husband and I go to bed together alone but without fail, at least 3 times a week, this is what our bed looks like by 6:00 AM. Now last night was even more interesting because my 5 year old son was snoring so loud he woke up my husband, me and even our family dog. His mouth was wide open, drool coming out, and the loudest, most swine-like sound was coming out of his little cherubic body. My husband transferred him back to his bed, but the transfer didn't last long. Oh no...he came back for round 2. But this time, he brought his little brother. Have you ever been in a movie theatre when the movie is playing a really loud, intense fight scene between, say, 2 snarling, gnarling aliens? That was the scene that played out in our bed last night between number one and number two sons. They were vying for the title of "Who can snore the loudest." Do you think they make snore guards for preschoolers? And on top of it all, literally, my 5 year old kept rolling on top of me to get comfortable and my 3 year old kept rolling over him to get closer to me (and to try to completely edge me off the bed - at this point I had about 4 inches of mattress to squeeze on). All of this while they were fast asleep. Now that's talent, baby!