Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I've seen elf (eyes, lips, face) products in various magazines, but I decided to finally take a look at the website. All of their products are $1.00. They have lots of color choices and a wide variety of make-up. Have any of you tried their cosmetics? I'm curious if they're good quality. Here's the website:


Christy said...

Hey..just saw a post from you on another blog. I used to sell for Thirty-One about a year ago. I was under Jenny. My sister's sis-n-law signed up under me but then surpassed me up..Michelle you know her? Just thought I'd say hi!

Stefanie said...

My friend SWEARS by ELF. They seem good enough and you can't beat the price! :0)

sisters with style said...

I have friends who order from there all the time. They love thier make-up brushes.