Sunday, May 20, 2007

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I like to fancy myself a black thumb. When anything green sees me coming, it starts to wilt. It’s always been that way and I thought it would always be that way. Somehow, kids have a way of changing your perspective. My son Jack has desperately wanted to plant a garden ever since he saw his friend Evan growing a garden last summer. Now Evan’s Mom, my friend of many years, happens to take a liking to growing these green things from seeds. I look at the seeds and all I want to do is either throw them on a salad and eat them (don’t all seeds taste like sunflower seeds?!) or put them back where they belong…in the garden section at Home Depot. But alas, I finally conceded. I do have to mention, however, last summer I did buy one basil plant. I put it in a pot, set it outside, and by the next morning our little friends the rabbits had completely devoured it. All that was left was a shredded stump. So, today was garden day. The tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, basil and mint are all planted. Thanks to my friend Misty, we have a little fence around our garden…let’s hope no backyard critters can infiltrate our elaborate garden security system. Wish us luck!

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