Friday, May 25, 2007

Yes I should be cleaning my house instead of blogging again

I just can't get something off my mind, so I'm posting one more time. I was talking to a friend yesterday. She's 7 months pregnant and there are some issues with the baby's ventricles in his little brain. Without going into too much detail because I truly don't understand all of the medical terminology, this could pose a very real threat of moderate to severe mental retardation. They could induce her early, but then there's a concern about his lung development. If they induce early, he may need a shunt put in his brain...and a preemie plus surgery is not a good combination.
Anyway, as we were talking, the amount of faith she has is incredible to me. She said she has so much peace about this. She said she knows that the baby is God's baby first and that He's taking care of the baby. That the baby will be in His image...whatever that turns out to be. When I commented on her peace/strength she said it wasn't her own, but she was getting it completely from God.
I remember meeting this friend for the first time. It was before I was a Christian. I remember her talking about God and saying things like "Oh God is working in our life" or "it's only through God's grace that we're able to ...". I remember smiling but thinking, "oh no, she's one of those people."
Now I see her and just see the unbelievable strength of God and how through our trials he's there for us. So for those of you who pray, will you please keep her family in your prayers?
And can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.