Friday, May 18, 2007

Get Ready For Summer and Save Some Money!

I think we have the greatest beach bag. Why? Because the number of times I have spilled either a diet coke, suntan lotion or a sippy cup in a beach bag is ridiculous. I have had stains on my bags too many times to count. This bag is fully lined with a water-resistant lining. Hey suntan lotion...spill in my bag. I dare ya! Oh what's this, I can wipe you out with a paper towel and there are no stains? Ha Ha! You've been foiled!

Now check this out...when you buy our beach bag this month, you can purchase our water-resistant zipper pouch for only $5.00!!! They're normally $13.50. This bag (which comes in 5 colors) is so great for wet bathing suits, toiletries, crayons/markers, or anything else that could have the potential for getting other things wet or dirty.

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